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Real estate Asset Construction and is innovation in construction and design of interiors, with 30 years of experience in the decoration of finished interiors and of construction.


In the last 7 years we have consolidated a team of professionals in the areas of construction, design, sales, financier, and legal. The company counts on own companies for the provision of finished, which makes leader in a new concept within the construction.


In Real estate Asset Construction & we developed to residential projects with high functionality of design, optimizing spaces, and giving importance to the details that mark the difference. It is our objective and guarantee for offering quality to the best prices so that you and your family enjoy the house in which always they dreamed to live. Choosing a home is a very important milestone in your life, so you have to do it carefully, and now we are here with our cheap VPS web hosting, ready to help you. Thankfully, our web hosting is providing us with the best software, such as MySQL database, PHP that are compatible with Linux or Windows.


With the delivery of more than 200 houses we commit ourselves to improve every day to satisfy the needs and to contribute to the well-being of our clients..

The news

Our gratefulness to all our clients by the great acceptance of our real estate projects Sevillana I, II & III, Saba Towns, Towns Vilcabamba I & II, and Sapphire which has allowed us to sell 100% of the house units.


As of the month of December of year 2015 we began with the construction of a new project in society with the Real estate Home denominated Uncle “Llacta Petty theft”, that consists of 57 units of house, in the city of Atuntaqui of the province of Imbabura.


In the next months we will begin unlimited hosting plans with the construction of two emblematic projects of the company with ecological houses in two provinces.


• Project Rincσn Urbanization of the Paradise, ecological city, in the city of Portoviejo in the Metropolitan Avenue surrounds to Mall Shopping, that consists of 422 units of house, 12 suite and the 11 commercial premises.


• Urbanization “City of the Sun” in the City of Cotacachi of the Province of Imbabura, in the Avenue City of the Sun (main route from enter the city), that consists of 22 units of house and a shopping mall with the 24 premises with ample spaces for parking.

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